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 Well, it took me a while to get around to it but I have finally finished reading The Prince by .
For a book that is supposed to be so notorious, I'm not too sure I saw that... although I expected there to be a lot more mentions of Cesare Borgia as apparently the character of the Prince is supposed to be based on him.

I'm not too sure what I expected before reading the book. I definitely didn't expect it to be essentially a Renaissance instruction manual on how to be a good boss. I also didn't expect it to be as full of references to classical history as much as it was, or references to some "modern" figures (e.g. Cesare Borgia). In other words, this book came across to me as something of a instruction manual full of references to pop culture - which I think is the same style that Robert Greene and Elizabeth Wurtzel uses for their books.

This book is famous for being the one to include the message that "It is better to be feared, than loved." 
I also think that the theory covers the point at a leader is expected to do what is necessary to maintain his power and the power of his "country". Read in context of the period during which Machiavelli was alive, a lot of the points covered seem rather relevant to what people needed to do in those days - which obviously covers tips that are ridiculously outlandish and unnecessarily cruel today. 
There is the good point in that it is not a good idea to surround yourself with "flatterers" or yes-men as it is likely that they will support every decision you make, including the bad ones.

It's a pretty good read for anyone who is a fan of historical literature and figures. Gives a interesting look into the mindset of people during the Renaissance. Not bad as advice for managers, but the better points covered are pretty much common sense, really. 


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